15 Long Distance Friendship Gifts You’ll Both Love

On this day friends usually meet up and celebrate their bond, this is also a great day to make new friends.

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Treating your friends every now and then is a great way to celebrate your friendship and make your friends feel special. You can do this on any random day just like that where you feel your friend needs it. You can also do it on 30 July which is International Friendship Day. On this day friends usually meet up and celebrate their bond, this is also a great day to make new friends. Friendship day was initially celebrated to foster friendship between nations. You can also celebrate this day with your friends who are far off. You can Friendship Flowers in Pembroke and even online. Here are some gift ideas for friends who live away from you-


Number 1 on our list are flowers, these are pretty and gorgeous. Flowers have a huge variety and you can surely find the one for you. Flowers come in various shapes, sizes, designs and aromas. Sending flowers is not super easy. All you need is Flower Delivery in Pembroke. Send beautiful flowers to your friend and surprise them. Some bouquet ideas for you are-

  • Pink surprise- This bouquet will have flowers all shades of pink with a hint of white. Hot pink gerberas daisies, pink roses smalls and big, pink hydrangeas, snapdragons and some greens.
  • Lilly surprise- For this you would need pink stargazer lilies, hot pink tulips, Pink hydrangeas, pink stock and eucalyptus greens.
  • Colorful Surprise- For this soft and dreamy arrangement you would need yellow roses, pink lily, gerbera daisy, snapdragons, lavender stock, chrysanthemums, button poms.


Another way to create gifts for friends is to Do-it-Yourself. You can create artwork, crafty things and send them over. This will help you build something precious for your friend which they can cherish and keep forever. You can create things like-

  • Terrarium- A glass jar full of moss, cacti, succulents and other microgreens.
  • Wall art- You can create wall decor for them no matter if you are good at it or not. You can choose a medium like Digital art, fluid art, resin art and more.
  • Picture scrapbook- For this all you need to create is a scrapbook full of your pictures.

Friendship bracelet

A classic pick for friendship day and a trend which is coming back in full swing. You can go with creating friendship bracelets of your own or get matching bestie bracelets. You can go with a customized name bracelet, one with beads, crystal bracelet and so many more options. This is one of the best gift ideas for a best friend.


Getting each other subscriptions is also a trendy idea, from netflix to yoga you can go for any that your friend would like and appreciate. This way you can show your love and care. Subscriptions are easy to send across and use.

Flowers for friends is always a great idea and you can get one for your friends. Get flowers for your best friend from Pembroke Florist and surprise your friend.

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