7 Ideas for What to Do with Flowers After an Event

Flowers are the easiest way to make someone feel special, to show a wide range of your emotions, it is also a sign of kindness and gratitude.

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Flowers are just amazing, and we always love to send and receive them. Flowers are the easiest way to make someone feel special, to show a wide range of your emotions, it is also a sign of kindness and gratitude. We might receive flowers or just use them as decor for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. After these special moments have passed we are at times left with many flowers. What shall we do to them?

Just throwing them away is not an option, here are a few ways you can use flower you have received-

1. Making compost- With the world aiming to be more sustainable, we all need to make an effort to make it successful by doing our small part. Putting your flowers to compost is one of them, just break the flowers into small pieces and add to your soil compost. This would make your soil more fertile and act as a booster for your plants. 

2. Flower Confetti- Again a more sustainable option to regular plastic confetti, all you need is a hole punching machine which you can find at any local stationary or target. You will get a bunch of tiny circle confetti which you can use at parties. You can also get a shape cutter like hearts or stars to make it cuter.

3. Make a room freshner- Make a sweet smelling room fragrance with distilled water and some essential oils. Just add some dried flower petals and voila have your own personal home made spray. You can boil fresh flowers from a Pembroke flower shop to create a mist.

4. Aesthetic decor- A very simple and easy way to decorate your space is to use flowers. We might not be able to get fresh flowers every single day, which would be equally nice, we could just use what we have, frame your flowers in a glass photo frame, it can be just glass or you can add black or white background paper just to emphasize the flower.

5. Use in gift wrapping- Flowers are a great addition to your gift wrapping, it adds a personal touch and shows that you have gone an extra mile to make it look amazing. Just take a basic brown wrapping paper and tie it up with twine. Just add your flowers and tie them up. You can also use a seal to stick it in place.

6. Use them as a greeting card- Just add dried up flowers to your greeting card, or you can press these flowers into the paper and create a stamp. Just take the flower and place them over your card and place some weight over them for a few hours.

7. Dried Potpourri- Dried, crisp flowers which retain their shapes and smell. This can be used as odor remover, decor by putting in vases. Just sun dry your leaves and flowers from the Pembroke florist or bake them.

    These are super fun and easy DIY’s you could do it too with flowers from florist on church street and get the best church street flowers.

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